6 Proven Steps in Choosing the Right PEMF Device

January 14, 2021

Choosing the Right PEMF Device

Whenever you are deciding on the best way to address any type of health concern, doing your research and taking the time to make the right choice is critical. When it comes to PEMF devices in particular, there are a lot of options to choose from. In today’s post, we will look at 6 steps to help you find the right one for you.

What Is PEMF Therapy?

Before figuring out which device would best serve you, it is prudent to take a moment and understand what this type of therapy actually is. Everything in our bodies from skin to bone to organs is made up of tiny cells. Healthy cells have both positive and negative charges.

This is required for such functions as exchanging sodium, potassium, and calcium ions, among many other things. When these cells are attacked by disease, toxins and bacteria, trauma or injury, or any other issues, they lose the ability to function properly. PEMF therapy can help.

How Does It Work?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy uses magnetic fields set to precise levels to address whatever condition you may be facing. Just like batteries, our cells need to be recharged and restored from time to time. When this happens, it aids in the function of all of our bodies’ major systems. These include the circulatory and cardiovascular systems, repair and recovery, neurological functions, and many others.

How Can You Decide Which Device Is Right for You?

There are a lot of things to weigh before deciding which type of device to opt for. One of the worst things that you can do is make an impulse purchase simply because you have heard about the impressive results that some people have experienced from PEMF. In some cases you may end up with a machine that doesn’t even offer the specific settings you need. Before deciding, consider these things:

  • Type of therapy needed
  • Quality of device
  • Budget
  • Study results

1. Ask Questions

The first step to finding out which device will work best for you is finding out what you need. The best way to do this is by asking yourself a few questions. While it is always best to speak with a knowledgeable doctor or practitioner before trying any new healthcare techniques, here are a few simple questions that you can get started with:

Q: What type of lifestyle do you lead? Active, sedentary or somewhere in between?

A: The reason this question is important is because it may have a big impact on the type of device you end up using. Since there are desktop and portable versions, people with active lifestyles may want something that they can take with them easily. Others who are less active may prefer one that just stays at home.

 Q: Is this therapy just for you or will others in your family also benefit from it?

A: This is another factor to consider when deciding what device may be best for you. If it is just for you then you can get a device which is best geared towards your personal condition. If others wish to benefit from this therapy, you may want to look for one with more varied settings and programs.

Q: What are your overall health and wellness goals in regards to PEMF therapy?

A: Some people use PEMFs as a supplement to a broader treatment and management of health concerns. For others, it may be their main source of therapy. Also, they may have a short term problem that is a quick fix or a chronic, long-term condition that will require regular sessions. These details may dictate what type of device would be best.

2. Is In-Clinic, Rental, or Purchase the Best Option for You?

One of the biggest factors in your PEMF device search has to do with how you will be doing the therapy in the first place. If you will be going to see a therapist, then you may be limited by what is available and have to pay out-of-pocket for each visit. If renting the device is your preferred method, then you are not only limited to what is available but you will have to share its use with others who rented before you. Also, in clinic or renting may not resolve the problem/s for the time invested. Most chronic problems need longer-term treatment than these approaches allow. Owning your own equipment usually provides the best long-term value. So, purchasing allows more flexibility than both of the other options, although with more of an upfront investment.

3. Research the Technical Aspects of the Therapy

Before getting involved in any type of PEMF therapy, you want to know more than just what it does. You should also familiarize yourself with how it does it. Electromagnetic therapy is fascinating when you begin to understand it. These are the three main factors which determine the specific details and settings of your treatment:

  • Frequency – if it’s not a high intensity system
  • Intensity
  • Applicators

4. Evaluate the Providers’ Pre and Post Sale Customer Service

You can determine a lot about the quality of a company’s product by the quality of their people. If you can’t depend on them to be friendly, courteous and helpful before the sale, what should you expect afterwards? What if you need service, repairs, or parts? Did the representative help with your questions? Were they quick to respond to emails or online messages? All of these things can be very helpful in choosing a provider.

5. Research the Manufacturer

It is also important to familiarize yourself with the maker of the equipment as well. You want a device that comes from a company with a track record of making dependable, high quality products. To make sure that you are getting something of value that will live up to its responsibilities, here are a few specific things to focus your company research on:

  • Reputation
  • Reviews
  • History
  • Medical credibility
  • Results
  • Recommendations by credible practitioners

6. Verify the CE Marking

Any medical device can be recognized by its safety marking. This is followed by a number which belongs to the notifying body which certifies the equipment or product in accordance with an electronic health devices directive. Any legitimate PEMF therapy device is a recognized health device. If you cannot locate this verification then you should immediately seek further assistance from the PEMF provider.

If you would like to find out more about PEMF and if it can help you or which device is best for your needs, get in touch with the experts here at TeslaFit. We have the products and the professionals to get you on the road to feeling better.

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