TeslaFit Pro PEMF machine

One of the world’s most powerful PEMF machine, the TeslaFit Pro (Demonstration Video shown) is a technological advancement.

TeslaFit Pro PEMF device

Up to 8000 Gauss of mega-power should be very useful to any PEMF physician or practitioner wanting to provide quicker recovery and rejuvenation. We also provide professional training videos and free consultation session with one of the most experienced PEMF physician on the planet!
Group 167
1 – 5 Hz with 10 Hz Background
Group 167-8

1 Programs

Group 167-2

8290 Gauss Max

Group 167-6
Choose between 4 Applicator Packs
Group 167-8

5 minutes (preset)

Group 167-1
3 yr Warranty
Group 167-5
30-days Trial
Group 167-3
Free Shipping to US
Group 167-7
Free consultation (one) & support