TeslaFit Plus 2 PEMF therapy system

The TeslaFit+ 2 PEMF therapy device is the mid-range model in the TeslaFit family with a max PEMF amplitude of 3990 Gauss. This high-intensity impulse PEMF system is suitable for home or clinic.

TeslaFit Plus 2 PEMF therapy machine

Our PEMF therapy machines are shipped worldwide. Pelican casing for our portable units improves durability and is also ideal for multi-clinic and field service professionals. Easily serve clients or use at home or office to make a huge impact on recovery & regeneration.

Group 167
1 – 5 Hz with 10 Hz Background
Group 167-8
2 Programs
Group 167-2
3990 Gauss Max
Group 167-6
Choose between 4 Applicator Packs
Group 167-8
5 or 10 minutes (preset)
Group 167-1
3 yr Warranty
Group 167-5
30-days Trial
Group 167-3
Free Shipping to US
Group 167-7
Free consultation (one) & support
PEMF therapy for Orthopedic clinics, sports physical therapy, chiropractic

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