TeslaFit PEMF therapy machine Reviews

TeslaFit PEMF therapy machines are best suited for professional users and PEMF clinics due to their high-intensity capability. Several hundred pain clinics, wellness centers, chiropractors, sports performance and sports medicine centers in the United States and beyond use TeslaFit PEMF machines as an ultimate recovery and regeneration tool for their clients.

Below TeslaFit PEMF Reviews are published to illustrate the true effects of TeslaFit PEMF therapy protocols.

Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee & 2-year world-class warranty is meant to give a cost-effective & highly beneficial solution to adopt and excel in PEMF therapy offerings long-term. With more than 15 years in the business, we’ve fine-tuned our products and services for maximum customer enrichment.

High-Intensity PEMF Therapy Devices

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TeslaFit PEMF Reviews

jordan feramisco personal trainer sports physiotherapy teslafit PEMF review

Jordan Feramisco



It’s a no brainer everyone in the fitness industry should have one.

As a celebrity trainer, I’ve trained over 100 NBA and NFL players, including Pro Bowlers and first round draft picks! I currently train Olympians, MMA Fighters, and Professional Boxers. I’ve also currently been training Guns N’ Roses, ACDC, and Wilmer Valderrama, Armie hammer, Zane Holtz and more. I realize how important it is to help my clients recover as fast and the most possible in order to get the most out of their body. Also as life goes on everyone gets bumps and bruises and the TeslaFit Duo Portable has been amazing preventing those bumps and bruises along the way. I use my TelsaFit for everything from exercise warm up to rehabbing little bumps and bruises to full on injury rehab. It’s such an amazing tool to have and well worth it! It’s a no brainer everyone in the fitness industry should have one.
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Akash Surana

Melbourne, Australia 01/06/2019

To any of my running friends with issues, I highly recommend it

My post tib tendon had totally let go to the point my arch had collapsed and walking let alone running was painful. In the space of 24 hours I’ve gone from potentially having to withdraw from the Melbourne Marathon next weekend to running one of my fastest short but brutal interval sets. Applying the TeslaFit as recommended has resulted in a total pain free ankle along with the return of running form in an insanely short time. To any of my running friends with issues, I highly recommend it.
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Dr. Lee

Seattle, WA


Amazing effects, wish I knew about it 10 years back!

The TeslaFit is a great quality build and the support by Dr. Pawluk’s team is quick and problem solving. This is a great technology to be learnt and Teslafit is the only sensible choice for above reasons alone. We’ve used the predecessor systems from the same manufacturer and find that TeslaFit Portable Plus 2 has important new features and improvements in effects and thus results as well. One in ten of my customers buy the units off me and some I refer to TeslaFit to purchase. I’m happy if they are happy. My sports clients are able to recover significantly faster from sports injuries, the neuro-rehab patients are making rapid breakthroughs and we are busier than ever. We find the new Duo unit interesting and have just ordered one of those.
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Bob & Emily Parker

Phoenix, AZ 07/29/2019

I may soon be able to touch the floor again, like when I used to.

We started using the Teslafit Plus in April 2019. Basically we decided to purchase the TeslaFit not because of sleep problems, but for general health enhancement, rejuvenating our body and energizing cells while correcting the Ph or voltage of our cells (in fact the Ph problem was sounding very complicated to us until we understood the notion of cell voltage and optimum versus dangerous voltage levels. We are both sexagenarians so ageing ¨gracefully and healthily¨ is a priority for us. Furthermore I have been recovering from a surgery, and the healing effect on tissues is welcome. TeslaFit has proved to us it was working when my ability to bend forward lower gained quite a few significant inches. I may soon be able to touch the floor again, like when I used to do Yoga. The TeslaFit is great because, basically, all you have to do is switch it on and apply it for 10 mins every day. This PEMF machine is beautifully built, top quality workmanship with attention to details. Excellent support service and I definitely recommend it. In fact we are going to buy as soon as possible the TeslaFit PRO model.
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Randy Heady



I find my back pain is gone for good

I purchased the TeslaFit about 6 months back. I initially had a chronic back ache which went away with just one time use. I’ve laying on the TeslaFit PEMF mat almost everyday and I find my back pain is gone for good. Communication could be faster, I hope you can use this feedback.
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Robert Bachman



The relief I have during this time is worth it

I’ve been using my TeslaFit Plus since almost an year now. I had two main issues – Stenotic L5 and spondylolisthesis L4 causing severe sciatic nerve problems on the left requiring epidural shots about every 13 weeks.
I was also diagnosed with weak bladder due to prostate problems. I found significant reduction in pain on the left sciatic with the possibility of either extending the periodic epidurals to 5 or 6 months or perhaps even not having to have epidurals. Also found significant improvement in the bladder problems. My feeling now is that the relief I have during this time is worth it.
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Dr. Henry

Hall Sports Rehab Center, WA 01/03/2018

The Ferrari of PEMF!

I have a sports chiropractic practice in Washington with championship leagues teams and ATP players as primary clients. I have the TeslaFit Pro (ver 1) since about a year now. The effects are spectacular. Recovery time improved 3-5x after most usual sports injuries. This is unheard of in sports medicine unless you have a reliable PEMF system with such high gaussage. Teslafit Pro is the Ferrari of PEMF!

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Disclaimer: Reviews posted on this page are unsolicited. These TeslaFit PEMF reviews are not shared to imply that all users will achieve similar results. TeslaFit is a performance enhancement PEMF device to improve performance & recovery, you’ll have 30 days to try the system under our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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