TeslaFit PEMF Systems

High-Intensity PEMF devices by TeslaFit come in 3 primary models with portable and desktop options and 4 application coils to help you obtain the best for your home or clinic.

The TeslaFit is designed to provide maximum intensities at lowest frequencies. This provides deeper penetration and best benefits from its intensity levels. The pulse rate or PEMF frequency range is between 1 to 5 pulses per second or 1 – 5 Hz.

At the lowest intensity, the pulse rate is 5 pulses per second and at the highest intensity level the pulse rate is slower than one pulse per second. All systems have a background pulsed magnetic field of 10 Hz next to the noticeable 1-5 pulses per second. With ‘background signal’ we mean it’s less prominent and about 5-10% the intensity of the noticeable 1-5 pulses per second. 10 Hz boosts oxygenation while the lower frequencies stimulate tissues to improve circulation. In short, the effects are totally amazing!

Max intensity varies based on voltage strength (intensity level setting) and resistance/size of application coils, so you get a good choice of intensities with 4 different applicators. In all models, the waveform is a classic pulse type that is the most penetrative and strongest in nature.

The controllers are solid-state-digital, no more “spark chambers” unlike most other high-intensity clinical level PEMF machines. Think of TeslaFit PEMF devices as the latest standard in high-definition audio in your city’s best cinema.

All PEMF machine orders also come with one free consultation with a PEMF doctor and continued product related support via user manuals, videos, phone and email. You’ll have 30 days to try our PEMF therapy devices. All PEMF therapy devices come with a 3 year international warranty on the controller and 1 year on applicators.

The desk-top PEMF machines are shipped only in the United States. The TeslaFit portable PEMF systems are shipped worldwide and have the same features as the corresponding desk-top version except that they come in a pelican case. Free shipping in United States.

Portable PEMF machines

Our portable PEMF therapy machines are shipped worldwide. Pelican casing improves durability and is also ideal for multi-clinic and field service professionals. Easily serve clients or use at home or office to make a huge impact on recovery & regeneration.

TeslaFit+ 2 Portable

$ 6950 – 8195 /MRP in USD, excl. tax

TeslaFit Duo Portable

$ 11700 – $ 13500 /MRP in USD, excl. tax

TeslaFit Pro Portable

$ 19900 – 20650 /MRP in USD, excl. tax

Desk-top PEMF machines

Teslafit desk-top PEMF therapy devices are easy to setup in the clinic or at home. The best choice for professionals and everyone else planning to have an accessible high-intensity PEMF therapy system.

TeslaFit+ 2

$ 6950 – 8195 /MRP in USD, excl. tax

TeslaFit Duo

$ 13500 /MRP in USD, excl. tax

TeslaFit Pro

$ 19900 – 20650 /MRP in USD, excl. tax
30-day trial
(with minimum restocking fees)
Worldwide delivery
Personalized support
Free consultation with a PEMF physician
PEMF therapy for Orthopedic clinics, sports physical therapy, chiropractic

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