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October 23, 2020

There are many different types of sleep disorders and many of these are common. Whether you experience issues with falling asleep, wake up multiple times during the night, or find yourself waking up early, these are all types of sleep disturbances. You may also need to go to the bathroom frequently during the night as well as experiencing hot flashes.

All these sleep disturbances can occur even for people who have taken steps to optimize their sleep. Some people who experience sleep disturbances have taken all the right steps including reducing lights within the bedroom, removing sounds from the bedroom, and using the bedroom only for sleep. If you are someone who has made an effort to optimize your sleep, but are still struggling, this can be frustrating.

So how can you make sure that you are getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night? To be healthy, an average adult requires around 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. What happens if you are not able to get that amount? This article will explore how a PEMF sleep machine can help to improve many sleep disorders, including insomnia. We will also discuss a study where PEMF therapy was successful for most insomniacs.

Keep reading to find out more about how a PEMF sleep machine can help you with your sleep disturbances.

PEMF Therapy for Sleep Disorders

PEMF Sleep Therapy

There are many successful approaches to help improve sleep disorders. Medications are one of the most common methods. Among supplements and herbs being some of the most popular too. Further success has also been reported through the use of other techniques. These techniques include mediation, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.

Yet another key approach for people who have a sleep disorder is to synchronize brainwave patterns. This works by turning the bad patterns into normal sleep patterns. The method of synchronizing brainwave patterns uses sound or other external stimulants. And this is exactly where PEMF sleep systems can be effective.

PEMF sleep systems can help improve and induce sleep for people who are struggling with sleep disorders. PEMF therapy targets the disruptive sleep patterns with the specific goal to transform them into normal sleep patterns. But how does a PEMF sleep machine work? It is pretty simple – the molecules and cells in our body resonate with electromagnetic waves. When the body is met with an external source of electromagnetic waves. Patterns begin to improve. As a result, PEMF therapy can have an impact on the electrical activity in the brain to successfully slow down or speed up. This change in the electrical activity of the brain will in turn enhance sleep. This happens as the brain starts to lock into the signal that is mimicking a state of deep sleep.

Not only can PEMF sleep systems have improved sleep disorders, but they can also help to heal depression. In many patients, mental depression can induce sleep disorders. Perhaps sleep disorders will never develop, if this can be avoided.

PEMF Sleep Therapy and Insomnia

As we have seen above, PEMF therapy works great for many types of different sleep disorders. Among this list is insomnia. There was a double-blind controlled study, back in 2001. This delved into the effects PEMF sleep systems can have on insomnia. It was shown that in just four weeks, 90% of the participants (who had insomnia) noticed a difference. An additional great result for insomniacs was that 75% reported a complete reversal of their sleep disorder.

But why does PEMF therapy work for insomniacs? The PEMF sleep machine system works by optimizing the neural network of the patient’s body. Insomnia is improved, as a result. There we have it – an effective non-invasive therapy for people who are experiencing insomnia!

The Takeaway

Deep restorative sleep is vital for our health. When we get enough restorative sleep, our bodies can heal. In addition to enhanced cellular regeneration. We have learned that low frequencies of electromagnetic activity can help to stimulate the brain. This stimulant will show the brain how to follow a deep sleep pattern. After PEMF sleep machine therapy, the brain should then be able to follow a natural sleep pattern. Natural sleep will occur with the regular use of a PEMF system. Regularly using a TeslaFit PEMF system will help the brain to remember exactly how to get a deeper sleep, but naturally.

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