Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science

October 15, 2020

Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science is a valuable docu-series detailing powerful  alternative medicines for healing disease. Dr. Pawluk, a leading expert on the use of PEMFs, shared his insights and expertise on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in two episodes: Episode 6, Overcoming Pain and Episode 10, Boosting Your Immune System and Fighting Viruses

In Episode 6, Dr. Pawluk discussed the effectiveness of PEMFs for managing pain by sharing some of the key mechanisms of PEMF therapy.  Each of these mechanisms has an impact on pain.  Using PEMF therapy to ensure that they are working properly doesn’t just mask the pain; it promotes real healing of the root cause of pain. Episode 6 also covers using PEMF therapy in conjunction with other treatments to decrease pain and hasten healing.

One of the top uses of PEMF therapy is to address pain issues.  PEMFs are effective in soothing chronic back pain, joint pain from osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions, pain due to injury, and post-surgical pain.  Regular use of PEMFs reduces swelling and inflammation, increases joint mobility, and provides drastic relief from pain. In some research, magnetic therapy has been found to be more effective than medications and as effective as more costly, intensive therapies like high intensity laser treatments. 

In Episode 10, Dr. Pawluk will discuss how PEMF therapy can help fight infection. This is a timely topic in the midst of navigating a global pandemic. All infections begin at an electrical level.  When PEMF therapy is used to address infection in the early stages it can prevent the illness from further developing. For already severe infections, PEMF therapy gives the body a hand in healing itself. 

PEMFs can reach deep into the body, passing through tissues to decrease inflammation and repair damage caused by infection. Studies have shown that magnetic fields naturally supply the body with the energy it requires to better fight infection.

The entire Proven series is available for purchase at a significant discount here.  This information is too good to miss, especially for those dedicated to finding safe, natural healing modalities that are backed by scientific research. 

When you purchase the series, you’ll have instant access to valuable information from 47 world renowned experts, including Dr. Pawluk.  Select one of three options to suit your specific needs. All three include lifetime digital access to video, audio and transcripts of all episodes.  When you select the Silver Package you’ll also receive a digital viewing guide and 2 bonuses. The Gold package includes a paper viewing guide, DVDs, and 2 additional bonuses.  The best value is the Platinum package which includes everything in the Gold package along with six additional bonuses.  You can see the details of each offer here.

Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science is your comprehensive source for using alternative and natural therapies for treatment, management, and healing of numerous health conditions, including chronic pain, impaired immune function, and viral or bacterial infections. 

After watching this series, you’ll be armed with vital information for taking control of your own health, or the health of your clients.  You’ll understand the benefits of powerful alternative treatments, including PEMF therapy.  You’ll discover the amazing benefits that PEMF therapy can offer for pain and infection, and how this powerful therapy helps the body heal itself from the inside. 

TeslaFit PEMF devices are powerful tools that can help you address many of the health conditions detailed in the Proven series, including pain and infection.  These PEMF therapy machines come in three primary models, each with both desktop and portable options.  TeslaFit devices are designed to provide a range of intensities powerful enough to reach deep into the body to promote healing and address pain or infection where they begin.

Pain clinics, wellness centers, chiropractic practices, as well as sports performance and sports medicine centers throughout the US and beyond use TeslaFit PEMF machines to provide optimal recovery and healing for their clients. 

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