Are you considering purchasing a PEMF machine or a PEMF device, but not sure where to begin? Buying the best PEMF device for your family and yourself can be a critical investment in your future and your health. Figuring out which PEMF device suites your individual needs and budget can be mind-boggling but do not fret, we are here to help!

What Is PEMF therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy often abbreviated as PEMF is also known as Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy. It was first granted approval by the FDA in 1979 and has an amazing track record of over 60 years of success. PEMF is a non-habit forming and non-invasive way of treating chronic pain due to an assortment of pain conditions. It has been shown to improve migraines, fibromyalgia, back pain, lack of circulation, joint problems, arthritis, swelling, skin wound healing, and more. PEMF has also helped alleviate pain associated with soft tissue injuries including sprains, strains, cervical neck pain, epicondylitis (tennis elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, tendinopathies, and plantar fasciitis. PEMF generates magnetic pulses that produce an excellent effect of healing throughout the body. With PEMF machines many users have reported less swelling, an increased range of motion, and less pain in the affected areas.

How Do They Work?

The cells that make up our bodies have positive and negative charges that naturally control the exchange of minerals. These cells lose their capacity to function accurately when they become damaged or distressed. A PEMF machine or PEMF device uses a magnetic field to encourage the contraction and expansion of the cells. This allows the cells to move blood-oxygen throughout better-circulating nutrients and allowing the cells to detoxify. Additionally, they allow the cells to function properly by restoring the negative and positive charges. PEMF machines use short-duration, high-intensity electromagnetic pulses combined with several electromagnetic frequencies to produce electrical variations at the cellular level. The resulting magnetic field can permeate deep into joints and muscles. These fields can have a long-lasting effect, reducing pain in as little as two to twenty minutes.

Why Buy or Lease A PEMF Machine?

Investing in your own PEMF device can be a smart way to treat yourself from the comfort of your home. You can use the machine as much as you like and the more you use your PEMF machine the greater the return on your investment. PEMF devices are less costly than most surgeries and in the long run, it pays for itself. PEMF therapy provides a safe, non-habit forming, non-prescription drug substitute to a lifetime of medications, especially when you consider Americans spent $325 billion on prescriptions in 2015.

How Much Do PEMF Machines Cost?

Our TeslaFit Plus 2 PEMF device starts at $6,950 to $8,195 depending on the package. The portable model is a rugged version of TeslaFit+ 2 and both feature a max PEMF amplitude of 3990 Gauss. We also offer a TeslaFit Duo PEMF device that provides the ability to use two separate applicators. The two applicators can be used simultaneously or programmed to alternate automatically. The TeslaFit Duo starts at $13,500 and has a max PEMF amplitude of 5220 Gauss, comes with all four applicators, and is offered in a portable model as well. Finally, we offer the TeslaFit Pro PEMF Device. This is one of the world’s most powerful and best PEMF devices available on the market. It features a whopping 8290 Gauss that is ideal for any PEMF practitioner looking to administer a quick recovery. Our TeslaFit Pro costs $19,900 to $20, 650 and is also available in a portable model for those who require mobility and easy storage.

If you have any questions about our PEMF devices or about our 30-day satisfaction guarantee contact us today. We would be more than happy to help you find the machine that fits your needs and your budget. Commit to being pain-free and call us now! (PayPal Credit option now available upon checkout.)

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