Our Best Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Devices To Treat Pain

April 22, 2021

When pain is a constant presence, the tasks of daily life can be exceedingly difficult. Magnetic pulse therapy can help! Regular treatment with PEMF machines can effectively manage acute pain caused by injury as well as chronic pain.

Rather than relying on surgery or temporary relief from medications, those who suffer from pain should explore the benefits of electromagnetic pulse therapy. Surgery can result in major complications and possibly not even solve the problem. Long term use of prescription drugs can lead to significant adverse side effects, drug tolerance, and even addiction issues. Magnetic pulse therapy is a safe, non-invasive alternative that really works.

It’s best to begin treatment with PEMF devices early to promote healing and manage pain before it becomes a chronic problem. While any PEMF machine will likely provide some benefit, lifestyle and the specific issues being treated can help determine the most appropriate device for best results.

How do PEMF devices treat pain?

Magnetic pulse therapy sends magnetic fields deep into the body to promote healing at the cellular level. These pulsed electromagnetic fields pass through the body improving blood circulation, reducing edema (swelling) and repairing damaged tissue to help decrease pain.

PEMF devices are effective on pain anywhere within the body if the right intensity is used.  These PEMF machines produce short electromagnetic pulses delivered through an applicator in varied frequencies and intensities. These pulsed electromagnetic fields penetrate muscles, joints and bones equally well.  Because fields diminish in strength as they move farther away from the source (the applicator) higher intensities mean a greater reach within the body and higher intensities at the surface of the body produce better and faster results.

A great deal of research has shown the positive impact that electromagnetic pulse therapy can have on pain. One study showed that in 100 patients with lumbar radiculopathy (pressure on a spinal nerve root) and 92 patients with whiplash syndrome, pain was significantly reduced in those who received magnetic field treatments1.

A 2018 meta-analysis of twelve trials studying the impact of PEMF therapy on osteoarthritis found that treatment with PEMF alleviated pain and improved physical function for patients with knee and hand osteoarthritis (OA).2

A small randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled clinical trial showed that PEMF treatment had a positive impact on pain in patients with chronic pain due to fibromyalgia as compared to sham treatment.3

Those are just a few examples demonstrating how magnetic pulse therapy can be used to treat pain to address the root causes of the problem, rather than masking symptoms with medication.  Surgery isn’t the best option for pain management, since it can be difficult to pinpoint where it originates and often there are multiple sources for the pain.

Chronic pain and the brain

Often, chronic pain is a sign of mixed signals in the brain. With acute pain, when appropriate healing occurs, the memory of the pain fades and the brain no longer sends pain signals. If that memory lingers in the limbic system, it can actually cause changes in brain function, making minor pain feel more intense. In fact, pain perception may remain in the brain long after the source of the pain is gone, further complicating the treatment of the pain. PEMF therapy can be used to target the cortical-limbic system to correct the garbled perception, promoting relief from pain.

Treatment to the brain with magnetic pulse therapy has been proven safe, and can provide long term benefits without surgery or excessive use of medication. Use of a TeslaFit PEMF system at home is ideal for long term, convenient treatment to the brain. 

Three great options for pain management

The most efficient and convenient tool for ongoing pain management at home is investment in a pulsed electromagnetic therapy device for home use.  Our high intensity PEMF machines come in three distinct models to cover all your PEMF needs.

When you own a PEMF system, ongoing treatment is possible in the comfort of your own home. No expensive copayments, no waiting in a clinic – you can manage your pain at the times most convenient for YOU.

For clinicians, investment in a PEMF system expands the ability to treat clients for a wide range of conditions, including pain management.

For maximum convenience and efficacy in pain management, we recommend the following three portable models:

TeslaFit Plus 2 Portable

The TeslaFit Plus 2 Portable system is our most cost-effective option to manage aches and pains, speed injury recovery, or maintain overall health and wellness as you age. With an intensity range of 150 to 3900 Gauss, the TeslaFit Plus 2 Portable is appropriate for treating a wide range of conditions. Five levels of intensity can be selected to run for either 5 or 10 minute cycles, with a 10 Hz background frequency to boost cellular neurological and physical cellular regeneration.

TeslaFit Duo Portable

Our mid-range portable device offers maximum flexibility. The two channels allow for simultaneous application on two users, or treatment of two areas of the body in one user. It also allows for “sandwiching” treatment to a problem area for even more effective results. The TeslaFit Duo Portable PEMF device also has five intensity levels that can run for 5 or 10 minutes, with the same 10 Hz background frequency. Used properly, the TeslaFit Duo Portable delivers quick results in a limited number of treatments. The TeslaFit duo intensity ranges from 200 to 5200 Gauss. The highest intensity is strong enough for mild-to-moderate muscle contractions to be experienced, further reinforcing the value of the treatment to the client.  

TeslaFit Pro Portable

The price and power of the TeslaFit Pro Portable makes this an ideal option for clinical use. Built with solid-state electronics, the TeslaFit Pro Portable PEMF machine is maintenance-free. Periodic calibration is not required. With a maximum intensity of 8290 Gauss this high intensity PEMF device is a fantastic tool for clinics, sports professionals, and rehabilitation centers. With a minimum intensity of 715 Gauss, this device can also be used for conditions requiring less intensity. It has 10 intensity levels. At intensity levels eight and above there can be mild to significant muscle contractions. For one of the highest intensity PEMF systems capable of causing muscle contractions, the TeslaFit Pro is one of the most affordable PEMF devices.

All of our TeslaFit PEMF devices have adjustable intensity settings making them appropriate for use on a wide range of pain conditions, both chronic and acute.  These PEMF machines are versatile and adaptable, with four applicators for either half body or targeted use.

Our TeslaFit devices come with a free consultation with a PEMF doctor and ongoing product support through user manuals, videos, phone and email. All devices have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 3-year international warranty on the controller and 1 year on applicators.

Pain CAN be treated safely and effectively. Call us at 1-866-455-7688 for more information or to purchase a TeslaFit PEMF therapy system.


1. Thuile C and Walzlb, M. Evaluation of electromagnetic fields in the treatment of pain in patients with lumbar radiculopathy or the whiplash syndrome. NeuroRehabilitation 17 (2002) 63-67, 63.

2. Wu Z, Ding X, Lei G, et al. Efficacy and safety of the pulsed electromagnetic field in osteoarthritis: a meta-analysisBMJ Open 2018;8:e022879. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-022879

3. Thomas AW, Graham K, Prato FS, et al. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial using a low-frequency magnetic field in the treatment of musculoskeletal chronic pain. Pain Res Manag. 2007;12(4):249-258. doi:10.1155/2007/626072

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