Does PEMF For Pain Management Really Work?

January 12, 2022

Pain can stop you in your tracks, making even the simplest tasks of daily living difficult.  Acute pain is often the result of physical trauma resulting in sprains, strains, fractures, pulled muscles or bruises.  Chronic pain is a result of trauma that hasn’t healed properly, nerve sensitivity, or mixed up pain signals from the brain.  

Treatment for both acute and chronic pain often relies heavily on medications that offer temporary relief at best, and come with significant risk of side effects, drug tolerance and addiction. For chronic pain, surgery is sometimes recommended, but this should be a last resort option.  

Treatment with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) should be considered early to help accelerate healing and manage pain. It is a safe, non-invasive treatment. There are no adverse side effects, and PEMF therapy doesn’t come with the risks present with medications or surgery.

PEMF therapy penetrates deep into the body, working at a cellular level.  As the pulsed electromagnetic fields pass through the body, blood circulation is improved, helping to reduce swelling, and regenerate and repair damaged tissue causing pain.

PEMF devices deliver short electromagnetic pulses with varying frequencies and intensities to penetrate muscles and joints.  The higher the intensity, the farther into the body these fields can reach. With sufficient intensity, PEMFs can be effective on pain even when it originates deep within the body.

A wealth of research has demonstrated that PEMF therapy is effective for pain relief. In one study of 100 patients with lumbar radiculopathy (pressure on a spinal nerve root) and 92 patients with whiplash syndrome, pain was significantly reduced in those who received magnetic field treatments. 

Another study evaluating the impact of PEMF therapy on pain caused by lumbar radiculopathy also showed the treatment to be effective.

Treatment for pain management often covers symptoms rather than getting to the source of the pain. With medication, this often means higher doses are necessary to hide the symptoms, and medication must be taken indefinitely for relief to continue. Because the source of chronic pain is often hard to pinpoint, surgery isn’t the best solution either. Not only can the surgery not resolve the pain problem but may actually create additional harm.

In fact, chronic pain is often amplified by the brain. Acute pain impacts the limbic system (where emotions are stored) and the frontal cortex.  When this pain is relieved, the memory of the pain fades.  Sometimes, however, instead of disappearing, this memory lingers, causing changes to the brain and how it functions. The result is that sometimes even minor pain can feel severe.  PEMFs can be used to target the cortical-limbic part of the brain in a safe, effective way to correct these perceptions and relieve pain.

PEMFs are safe for treating the brain and can be used long-term without the risks of surgery or overuse of medications. A PEMF system such as the TeslaFit for home use allows for convenient use and longer treatment times, which may be important as you begin to “re-train” the brain.

Investing in a PEMF system for the home eliminates the need for multiple expensive and inconvenient office visits required for ongoing treatment.  And once you’ve made the investment, the whole family can benefit, for various benefits, not just helping pain!

TeslaFit PEMF devices provide maximum intensity at lower frequencies allowing for deeper penetration and better benefits.  With several intensity settings to choose from, the machine can be used for a wide range of pain conditions.  Four applicators add to the versatility of the devices, and all TeslaFit models come in either desktop or portable options for maximum flexibility.

While the research that supports PEMF for pain management is compelling, the best indicator of the value of PEMF comes from customer experience. TeslaFit customers vouch for the relief the devices have provided.  “Applying the TeslaFit as recommended has resulted in a total pain free ankle along with the return of running form in an insanely short time,” says Akash S.

“I initially had a chronic back ache which went away with just one time use. I’ve [been] laying on the TeslaFit PEMF mat almost everyday and I find my back pain is gone for good,” says Randy H.

TeslaFit devices come with a free consultation with a PEMF doctor and ongoing product support through user manuals, videos, phone and email. All devices have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 3 year international warranty on the controller and 1 year on applicators. 

There’s no need to live with pain indefinitely, and no reason to rely on ineffective and potentially dangerous treatments.  Call us at 1-866-455-7688 for more information or to purchase a TeslaFit PEMF therapy system.


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