Top 15 Reasons To Use PEMF Therapy In 2021

July 21, 2021

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, may be new to you, but it has been used in other cultures for centuries as a way to heal the body from illness or injury. Researchers found that when people use PEMF, their bodies heal faster, especially when they have broken bones or tissue damage. There are other reasons you may want to think about PEMF therapy besides healing from injury. You should consider trying PEMF therapy in 2021 as part of your overall wellness program.

What Is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy uses electromagnetic pulses around the area of injury, or where the patient reports pain. The patient can wear a PEMF device, which is usually a coil with a cloth covering. Patients can slip the covering on, or belt it to their bodies. Treatment is usually for half an hour a couple of times per week. There is usually no pain with a PEMF device, but patients can feel a “beating” or pulsing of the device as it works on the body.

Top 15 Reasons To Use PEMF Therapy In 2021

Why Should I Consider PEMF Therapy?

The reasons for using PEMF Therapy are vast, but we’ve compiled a list. Here are some of the top reasons to consider adding this therapy to your routine.

  1. One important reason to try PEMF therapy is to get relief from chronic pain. Researchers who study fibromyalgia found that PEMF therapy may reduce the amount of pain patients suffer from who have the disease.
  2. Also, many doctors who have patients who suffer from chronic pain found that their reliance on painkillers–especially opioids–is reduced through PEMF therapy. Because PEMF therapy is not invasive and doesn’t use drugs, the treatment can be used on children.
  3. Many people can benefit from PEMF therapy, not just people who suffer from chronic pain. Are you an occasional athlete? Do you regularly participate in athletic competitions such as running or playing basketball? You can benefit from the use of PEMF therapy.
  4. This kind of therapy increases levels of ATP and oxygen in your cells. The chemicals allow your cells to recover more quickly than without treatment.
  5. Athletes report an increased rate of endurance and a greater capacity for a more intense workout.
  6. Because your body is operating at a higher level, the chances you will get a sports-related injury is reduced. Reducing sports injuries is important if you are an athlete.
  7. PEMF therapy helps mitigate the effects of aging. It encourages bone growth and regeneration. This is crucial for adults who suffer from osteoporosis.
  8. Because osteoporosis leads to brittle bones and a huge increase in fractures, using PEMF may greatly decrease the chance you’ll have bone breakage.
  9. The treatment can increase levels of other anti-aging chemicals in your body. These chemicals include collagen, human growth hormone, osteoblasts help with bone development and chondrocytes for flexibility. PEMF isn’t the fountain of youth, but it may help you look and feel younger.
  10. PEMF increases the flow of cell communication. It works to re-energize cell membranes, which means nutrition flows into the cell more easily. Your cells will work more efficiently.
  11. With PEMF Therapy, you will have more energy, less brain fog, and a greater capability to get all of your daily tasks completed on time.
  12. If you have trouble sleeping, PEMF treatments may allow you to sleep better. You may be able to fall asleep quickly, and remain asleep for longer periods without waking. One reason researchers think that PEMF may help you sleep is because it lessens the effect of stress hormones such as cortisol on your body, allowing you to sleep better.
  13. Your stress and anxiety will decrease as you go through the PEMF treatment.
  14. Researchers believe that PEMF may also increase the levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin in your body. The treatment has been used by doctors to treat severe depression.
  15. When you combine other benefits of PEMF Therapy, it also helps to improve the overall outlook of patients. When patients struggle with pain, they often become more negative. With looking and feeling younger, reduced pain, better sleep, and less stress, people feel more optimistic about themselves and their future.

Feel the Benefits of PEMF Therapy Today

There are so many benefits of PEMF, it is difficult to name them all. Whether you are suffering from a sports injury, or you need a boost for your overall physical health, PEMF can help. You can increase your overall wellness through pulse therapy, which would allow you to sleep better, and feel less stressed. If you think PEMF may benefit you, you should ask your doctor whether he or she has PEMF treatment available for patients as part of an overall wellness program.

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