What Is PEMF Therapy?

September 25, 2020

PEMF therapy Mat TeslaFit Duo Back Treatment

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is getting more attention all the time.  As health care professionals and individuals learn more about this safe, non-invasive treatment, it’s being used in more and more applications with great results. 

Research studies are consistently demonstrating the myriad health benefits that PEMF therapy can produce.  PEMF therapy is highly effective without the risk of the negative side effects of conventional treatments. Even very high intensities have been demonstrated to be safe.

PEMF devices are a valuable addition to chiropractic offices, sports medicine clinics, physical therapy, pain management and other clinical settings.  PEMF therapy at home can also be a great investment, especially for long term conditions.

PEMF treatment is effective on acute conditions, such as infection or injury, and is an amazing tool for anti-aging effects, preventative care, and overall health maintenance. PEMFs promote healing at the cellular level and can have a positive impact on all areas of the body, including the brain.

In conjunction with other treatment modalities, PEMF therapy speeds healing and recovery, reduces pain and inflammation, helps boost cognitive function, improves circulation and oxygenation in the blood, and so much more.

PEMF Therapy Explained

Even with all the attention, many people are still left wondering what PEMF therapy actually is and how it works. 

As the name suggests, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy uses magnetic pulses produced by specially designed electronic equipment to promote healing and recovery.  PEMF therapy restores your body’s natural magnetic and electrical fields to an optimal state, allowing for proper cell functioning.  

There are trillions of cells in the human body. When these cells sustain damage, your body systems can’t do the work they were meant to do as efficiently as when the cells are healthy.  Cell damage is the reason you experience uncomfortable symptoms. But all too often, the symptoms are treated while the damage is not. PEMF therapy addresses the cell damage, which is the root cause of the health issues you are experiencing.

A healthy cell contains both positive and negative charges that freely flow across the cell membrane, generating electrical currents to stimulate cells and open up ion channels to allow needed charges to enter. These induced charges prompt electrical pulses that help communicate cell behavior throughout the body. 

If the normal and natural electrical flow in the body is disrupted by disease, trauma or toxins, damage to the cells occurs, preventing normal function.  PEMF therapy restores the positive and negative charges to their natural state, promoting cell repair.

PEMF therapy is vastly different from the harmful electromagnetic fields you hear about, such as those generated by cell phones or or Wi-Fi. The electromagnetic fields generated by PEMF devices radiate away from the applicators. There are two forms of radiation – ionizing and non-ionizing. X-ray machines generate ionizing radiation, which can cause any number of problems.  PEMF therapy, on the other hand, uses much lower frequencies that are non-ionizing “radiation”, which is considered harmless to humans.

Healing Benefits of PEMF Therapy

For more than seven decades, PEMF therapy has been discussed as a research topic. Thousands of research studies and clinical trials have been conducted on the impact of electromagnetic therapy. 

The conditions on which PEMF therapy has been demonstrated effective are vast and varied and include both physical and psychological symptoms and conditions.  From general health maintenance and anti-aging benefits to the treatment of chronic diseases and pain, PEMF therapy is a versatile, safe, non-invasive alternative.

A common application for PEMF therapy is to block and reduce pain in both acute and chronic conditions.  Often, treatment to the brain can help repair the pathways that manage perception of pain, easing chronic pain problems.  

PEMF therapy increases nitric oxide production, which reduces inflammation and improves vascular function.  Inflammation is behind most chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases. PEMF treatment improves nerve strength and helps heal old injuries (such as non-union fractures). In one study,1 44 patients received PEMF treatment because of tibial shaft delayed union or nonunion.  77.3% showed fracture union after treatment.

Treatment with pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulates tissues, producing the energy needed to regenerate.  Whether damage comes from the natural aging response or injury, cellular dysfunction can be reversed with PEMF therapy.  Wounds have been shown to heal up to 50% sooner with the use of PEMF therapy.

With high intensity PEMF treatment, blood circulation and oxygenation increases.  With more oxygen in the blood, cells are rejuvenated more quickly.

PEMF therapy improves brain neuroplasticity and is effective in stroke rehabilitation. Research demonstrates that regular PEMF treatments can significantly reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.  One study2 showed that active PEMF therapy across the brain (T-PEMF) in treatment resistant patients, in conjunction with the antidepressants they had been resistant to, was superior to sham T-PEMF treatment in producing positive anti-depressive and quality of life results.

The PEMF Difference

Conventional approaches to injury, illness and pain management lean heavily on either prescription drugs or surgical procedures.  Both of these carry considerable risk of side effects.  Overuse of prescription medications can lead to internal bleeding, organ damage, and addiction.  Prescription medication masks symptoms, but it typically doesn’t address what is causing those symptoms. 

Surgery comes with potential complications and, especially with back and spinal injuries, can often require multiple procedures.  Surgery is expensive and can come with long recovery times and require multiple follow up visits. Surgery, research has shown, frequently doesn’t even improve pain and function.

PEMF therapy treats the root cause of issues, healing from the inside.  It’s been proven safe and effective in multiple research studies, especially when used in conjunction with other therapeutic treatments as part of a comprehensive care plan. 

An investment in good health

With all of the potential benefits, it’s no wonder PEMF therapy is becoming a widely used and accepted alternative treatment.  Positive results occur on both superficial issues, such as wounds, and problems that begin deep inside the body. 

For issues deep within the body, high intensity treatment is necessary, since the strength of magnetic fields decreases as they move farther away from the applicator.  Medium and low intensities are effective for pain management, for problems that originate close to the surface being treated, and for general health maintenance. 

TeslaFit devices are powerful, high intensity machines.  These devices also have a low intensity mode, making them appropriate for conditions that require lower settings for ongoing use in maintaining vitality, stamina and strength. 

A PEMF machine is a great investment for any clinical setting, and the TeslaFit devices are a high-quality therapeutic option for clinicians.  

For those willing to invest in their long term health, owning a TeslaFit device allows for ongoing treatment for the whole family. 

TeslaFit high-intensity PEMF devices come in three models, all available in both portable or desktop options.  Each device includes four applicators for flexibility in finding the best choice for treating specific conditions. 

With solid state digital controllers, a free consultation with a PEMF doctor, ongoing product support, and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, a Teslafit therapy device is the perfect addition to your home or clinic.



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